Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Favorites #35

Helloooo Friday! 
I'm so happy to see you! Is anyone else having a hard time believing Christmas is just a little over 2 weeks away? I feel like I've made some pretty good progress but when I think about all the things I still want to do it makes my heart race a little.

Let's see what new favorites have shown up on the lists of myself and some of my blogger "friends". I call them friends because I think if we met in real life, that's what we'd be, friends.

I'm linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea.


Have you seen the secret sister type gift exchange on Facebook? You send out one gift and in return you get numerous gifts from friends of friends. I got my first ones this week and it's oh so fun to go to the mailbox and find presents. I also love that you are kind of getting to know your friends friends through this.

So far I've received a personalized toiletries travel bag and Dr. Bronner's soap and loofah along with some lavender oil and Christmas spatulas. (not pictured) I've never tried the Dr. Bronner's before but I'm looking forward to trying something new.


I've had my eye on the  Urban Decay 'Naked3' eyeshadow palette so I bought it on Black Friday. I love all the neutral shades and having so many choices in one case.

All of these colors can be used together and mixed and matched. Lots of combinations and looks from a more natural for day to a smokier look for night. Love that.


I got our tree up and decorated. Now I can really say it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I love having the lights of the tree on and the warm glow from them in the room.


This adorable set of mini-lipsticks by Bare Minerals was something else I ordered on Black Friday.
I suggested mini sets like these for the college girl in your life in yesterdays post. Unfortunately this set is no longer available but I did link to 2 very similar sets yesterday that are in shades of pink and red.

How stinkin' cute are these little mini's. They fit in your pocket or clutch. I hate to buy a full size lipstick only to put it on the first time and not like the color. These little babies allow you to try 3 different shades with minimal expense. Perfect!

I'm embarrassed to even show this picture because I was in desperate need of a trip to the get my nails done. I finally carved out some time yesterday and so they look much better now. ;)


This is another new product for me that came about during my Black Friday shopping.
Check out the cool packaging.

It's even prettier once you open it. This compact combines a bronzer, blush and illuminator all in one sweep of the brush. It's a time saver and space saver. It really is ideal for women of all ages. I love that I can wear it with my Rodan+Fields mineral peptides and have a soft natural look but Katie could wear it alone for a soft color and glow.


Kent and I ran to the mall the other night and on our way out we saw these AWESOME (and by awesome I mean outrageous) sport coats. They were actually part of a suit that comes in...wait for it...A BOX.

I snapped these and sent them to the kids.

We have Kent's office Christmas party Saturday and I totally think he should be "sporting" one of these coats. I love that this tall goofball lets me take pictures of him being silly to send to our kids.


I Instagrammed this picture one morning this week. I get up early every morning. I'm usually up by 6:00 but sometimes it's earlier. I really enjoy the quiet and stillness of the house at that time of day and it allows me time to do my email, check social media, do some R+F business and some blogging before I get the rest of my day going. I'm definitely a morning person.

That's quite a few favorites for this week.
What things made your list?

I'm guessing a lot of you may be attending or hosting holiday gatherings this weekend.
Whatever you're up to I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Perfect Gifts For The College Girl

The older your kids get the harder it is to shop for them. Oh for the days when I could go to Gap and come out with 2 shopping bags full of adorable clothes for under $50.

Now that they are in college you ask what they want and usually you get an answer of gift cards or cash. Okay, okay, I know that's what they want, but it sure isn't much fun for us mama's, aunts and grandmothers.

Here are a few ideas for your college girl or even some of the other "girls" in your life.
These are all a great deal and you could get several or fill her stocking with fun stuff she's bound to like and didn't even know she wanted.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12
Click the corresponding number to be taken right to that item.

My current favorite necklace

This Kate Spade pendant with a  mix of silver and gold is my current favorite and a go to piece. I love how it makes it possible for me to mix metals and feel like it's OK. I also wrap it and wear it with a little pendant for the perfect layered look.

Let me tell you just a little about some of these adorable ideas. 

#3 & #9- The Kendra Scott Dylan necklace is perfect when you just want a little something around your  neck. You can pair it with your tee or with cute little dress and wear it every single day.

#5 - I ordered this MAC compact on Black Friday and it arrived over the weekend. I. am. loving. it.
It adds just a kiss of bronze, a touch of color and brightens your face. Perfect for these young girls who already have gorgeous skin and just want a hint of color, but us older women can also make the most of it. I went out today with just it,  my R+F Mineral Peptides powder,  mascara and lipstick and felt great about how my face looked.

#6 - Stud earrings are perfect to throw on whether you are dressed up for the day or in jeans, a tee and a ball cap. Totally versatile.

#7 & #11- Katie and I  love to add a pop of color, a different pattern or texture to outfits by adding scarves. These fringe infinity scarves are so easy to throw on and head out the door. The plaid infinity scarf is one of my favorites. So cute and cozy looking.

#10 & #12 - Mini lipstick sets. I ordered a mini lipstick set by Bare Minerals (no longer available) and am loving it. These little sets are not only just too cute in their mini sizes but a perfect way to try new colors before investing in a full size tube. They are also just right to stick in your small bag for a night out.

I feel pretty confident in saying any of these items would be a hit and they are all at great price points and most of them are ON SALE!

Make your girl happy and get her something fun. Her friends will be so jealous.πŸ˜‰

One more day til' Friday!!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Perfect Combination

Puffer vests and plaid. 
Does it get any better? I think not.

Around these parts it's cooled off, but it's not so cold that a coat is required. Call in the puffer vest. I have a couple of vests and I adore them.  Paired with plaid, be it in the form of a shirt or a scarf the combo is perfection. You can't throw a rock these days without hitting someone wearing either a plaid flannel or a blanket scarf. 

This flannel is from last year at Old Navy but there's one very similar this year and right now it's on sale for $13. WHAT? Yes, $13...order one NOW.

My vest is also from a couple of years ago, but J. Crew has a really cute red one that is the perfect answer and YES, it's on sale too!

So let's talk jeans. These are actually jeggings and they are so great with tall boots as long as you are wearing a longer shirt to cover your backside. They are stretchy, but don't get baggy and the legs are tight enough that they go into your boots easily. Love that!

Last but certainly not least we've got to discuss my love for these Frye riding boots (in cognac). I'm not even kidding when I tell you I looked at these boots for the last 5 years and kept thinking if I knew I'd wear them enough I'd invest in them. I finally bit the bullet and ordered them and haven't been sorry for a single second. The leather is so soft and smooth. They are actually buttery and the leather smell is to die for. They are currently on sale and if you want a really nice Christmas present, then you need to leave these open on your computer screen and maybe your man will take the hint, be the hero and order them. These boots are timeless and while a little pricey, you'll wear them forever. 

In case you're keeping track, my kids get home a week from today.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday Tidings and Happy Birthday!

We made it through Monday!

Happy Tuesday! This is going to be short and sweet. You know how it is...lots to do today.

 First I have to say a very Happy Birthday to my sweet mom! I'd like to say your card is in the mail, but that would be a lie.

She's not wearing her cape in this picture but, this woman is a human super hero. She's like a Timex watch. She takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Some of you may be too young to recognize that so how about saying she's much like the energizer bunny and keeps going, and going, and get the picture!?!?!
 Anyway, I hope you have a great day! I'm beyond thankful that God picked me to be your daughter!

This is my parents year to come out here for Christmas so we are looking forward to their arrival in 3 short weeks. We plan to celebrate Christmas and squeeze in some touristy things too so you know you'll get to come along and watch the antics first hand.πŸ˜‰

Before I leave you today here's a quick outfit idea for your everyday running around.

You know I love my booties and wear them all. the. time. so I don't need to tell you anymore about them. This wrap sweater is such a versatile and cozy piece. It's like being wrapped in a hug. #cheesy
I love that you can wear it open or buttoned for two different looks. And you can add a scarf for yet another great look.  Versatility rocks y'all! A blanket scarf or plaid infinity scarf would be adorable with it. 

Well friends, that's going to have to be it for today. Hope y'all have a great day and mark some things off your list. I know I'm going to try!


Monday, December 5, 2016

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Happy Monday Friends!
We are officially into December and the countdown is on to Christmas. I started decorating a little last week which led to this...

The good news is I now have several cabinets organized and most of my Christmas decorations up. I still have a little more to do, but I'm a lot closer than I was.

Yesterday I tackled the tree. We finally broke down 3 years ago and bought a PRE-LIT tree. The lights were the ONLY reason I gave in because I ALWAYS end up doing it by myself and putting the lights on seemed to somehow turn into a 3 day job. You know, you drag out all the lights and half of them don't work so you have to go on a hunt to buy more OR my favorite is when you get all the lights on and then one or two strands go out and you have to figure out if you can replace a bulb or the entire string. 

Well those days are gone and now we pull this bad boy out of the box and in 4 easy sections it's done which means we no longer have to go from Christmas tree lot to Christmas tree lot looking for the perfectly shaped, just the right height tree only to end up back at the very first lot.

It still takes me plenty of time to decorate it, but at least I don't have to spend HOUR upon HOUR wrapping all the branches with lights. 

And here she is all finished. I see now looking at the pictures I need to adjust a thing or two.

This candle is one of my all time favorites and smells just like a fresh tree, so I burn one pretty much all my waking hours during Christmas.

I was planning to wait and watch all the new Gilmore Girls shows with Katie when she gets home, but she said she had already watched the first one so for me to go ahead. Kent watched it with me (well he napped some and watched some). I've still got the other 3 episodes to go so no spoiler alerts, please!

I'm participating in a Christmas gift exchange with friends from Facebook and this weekend 2 gifts arrived. This is pretty fun because you only buy one gift, but you end up receiving multiple gifts.
#everyonelovespresents #andsurprises

Look how fun these are. A monogrammed travel jewelry case and Dr. Bronner's Soap. I think I've heard of this soap, but not 100% sure. Anyway, it will be fun to try something new.

I think that about does it for today. 
Happy Monday!


Saturday, December 3, 2016

On the 3rd Day of Christmas...

Happy Saturday friends!!!

🎼On the 3rd Day of Christmas my true love gave to me some RF goodies πŸŽΌπŸŽ„
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That's right, I'm giving away a free Essentials product of your choice today to all new Preferred Customers. 
Put it in your own stocking or gift it to a friend.

Comment below to get on the road to better skin today.

Check out my lash results with our Lash Boost in just 5 1/2 short weeks.

Perfect gift for your mom, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt or BFF.

The countdown is on!
Mark the ladies off your list!


Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Favorites #34

HO-HO-HO....Here we go.
It's December 2nd and the countdown is officially on to Christmas.
I've started decorating and hope to get our tree up this weekend. I love sitting around in the warmth of our home all decked out for Christmas. There's just something about it that brings joy to my heart and makes me happy.

I've decided to start numbering my Friday Favorites posts to keep it simple and let's face it, that way I don't have to come up with a catchy title.
#imlamethatway #sorry

So let's catch up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea and see what made their lists.

Here are some things that made my favorites list this week.


Sorry about the glare on the picture. Benny swam for his high school swim team. His favorite stroke is butterfly which I'll never understand, because I couldn't  make my body do that if you had a gun to my head. These are the records that he held on the record board. At one point he held all but one of the men's records. YES, bragging, proud mom right here! One of our friends is a coach for his old high school team and her son has now broken almost all (if not all) of Benny's records. She kept these for me and when Katie and I visited Minnesota this summer I was able to check them and bring them home. I hadn't told Benny we had them, so when he came home for Thanksgiving and went in his room he saw them hanging there and really liked it. 
#scoreoneformom #thanksforsavingthemkim


I'm in the process of giving our guest room a makeover. So far I've gotten new bedding (from Pottery Barn) and painted the chest of drawers. I want to replace the bed with an upholstered head board, but that's just going to have to wait until after the new year.

 This chest of drawers was mine in my parents house my entire child hood and teenage life. I've never been a fan of maple wood (sorry mom) and wanted to paint this for a long time, but I knew it wasn't an idea my mom was too hip on. She's come one board with painting some furniture here of late so I finally felt like I could do.

Here it is now and I like it so much better.
I stained the top darker and painted and slightly distressed the body, but kept the original hardware.


I talked about how I organize my jewelry in this post several months ago. Well as I've added to my bracelets they become a hot mess in the drawer and I decided I needed to try a different way of storing them. I'd been looking for a simple, plain bracelet bar for a while and finally found one.
You can click here for a similar one.


These are MY personal results with Lash Boost. Aren't they AWESOME?!?!?!?!?
I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to see my lashes becoming longer, thicker and darker. For the first time in my life I can actually see them when I don't have mascara on.

If you have some sad eyelashes, or even good lashes that you'd like to make better then this is the product for you. It doesn't have the danger of discoloring your lids or eyes like other products of this type on the market. I'd been wanting to get my hands on something like this for years, but wasn't willing to risk messing up my baby blues.

These are the results of my friends daughter has had...amazing!!!

Right now through January 2nd or while supplies last you can get 2 gifts with your purchase of Lash Boost. You'll receive a mini eye cream, which is the best eye cream ever and this cute cosmetic case.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a sister, mom, daughter or best friend you will be a sure fire hit if they unwrap this. If you want it for yourself, have your kids tell your husband or leave this up on your computer screenπŸ˜‰

Contact me through the comments or go to my website and order your own.


I've been wanting to feel warm and cozy all week with the cooler temperatures and my circle cardigan affectionately referred to as a "baby blardigan" makes me feel just that. I paired it with a simple white long sleeve tee, skinny jeans and my Frye riding boots for a simple, while still cute outfit.

I added a long necklace and my Alex and Ani bracelets for a little more personality.
These are all basic pieces that can be used over and over and would make a welcomed addition to your closet. The cardigan and boots would also be perfect items to request for Christmas when your husband asks what you want. πŸ˜‰


In case you missed it earlier this week I participated in another link up with Shelly from The Queen in Between and Katy from The Queen of the Kings where we talked about our favorite holiday movies. There was a lot of agreement on quite a few, but there were also new ones discussed. If you're family is looking for some new movies to watch during the upcoming holiday season be sure to check out my post on our favorites.
Click HERE

Okay friends, we've got 3 weekends until Christmas so let's get some things done and mark them off our lists. What are hoping to accomplish this weekend? Next weekend we have our first Christmas function to attend, but I bet a lot of you may be starting your celebrating this weekend.

Whatever you're up to...Enjoy!!!


There are some many good blogs out there and a lot of them have link ups on Friday. Stop by and check some of them out. Who knows what fun things you'll find.
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