Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Try It On Tuesday - Off the shoulder edition

Hey friends! 
It's time for another installment of Try It On Tuesday.
I'm going to enjoy trying on summer fashions a bit longer before the stores are flooded with the new fall styles.

And here I am, fresh, ready to go out there and try stuff on.

First stop, Nordstrom

I've been looking for an off the shoulder top and this one is pretty cute. If you aren't feeling like you want to wear one off the shoulder you can also just put it up on your shoulders and wear it like a regular gathered shirt.
It has bell sleeves which are another hot trend this year.
The red one I have on is a small, but the flower one just like it is an x-small which fit better through the straps and shoulders for me.

It comes in a couple of solids and this fun print.

I've also been wanting to try a "cold shoulder" top but have yet to find one I really like.
This one is cute, but it didn't really rock my world. ;) It is really soft though, and would be really comfortable.

Embroidery is just about everywhere you look. This is just the sweetest shirt. Lightweight and gauzy  making it nice and cool for the hot days of summer. This would be perfect for the 4th of July if you have a BBQ or fun gathering to attend and looks precious with red, white or blue jeans.
This blouse is Lucky Brand and I have on an x-small.

This tank has a split back so you definitely have to wear a cami under it, but details like that make such a difference. Details can take a shirt from ho-hum to so cute.

This is another good example of the difference details can make.
The stripes going in different directions and the peplum detail in the back make this adorable.

I'm not sure what is going on on my face in this picture, but maybe it will amuse you.
This is another great option for the 4th of July. It's cute and cool and I imagine those would both be on your list when celebrating.

This top hangs longer in the back and has a cute pleated detail making it a little looser and adding some interest to the back.

I loved the layers on this top. It's like it's fully lined. I have on a cami under it, but I think you could wear it without one.

I stopped in the purse department on my way into the mall and tried this adorable Rebecca Minkoff suede fringe crossbody purse on and the best part is the strap is removable easily making it into a clutch.  It is so cute...I loved it! 
(Do you say purse or handbag?)

My next stop was in LOFT and I found several things to try on in there as well.
Big surprise. 

I LOVED this embroidered sleeveless tee, but this is a small and it was pretty big so I'm going to order it in an x-small.

This top is another great example of details making a huge difference. It has a darling peplum but that's not all. The yoke on the back is lace.♥
This one is an x-small, but I wanted to try a small so I'm ordering one.

I rarely wear shorts because I don't like my legs...we all have things we don't like and mine is my legs. I tried these on because they are a longer length and they are cute. The top is the same as the grey one, just in white. I think I might need to order it too. 

This jumpsuit is precious and it has pockets.This is an x-small and I think I might would like a small better, but amazingly the length was just right. Do I need to say anything else?

Maxi dresses are still showing up and this one has an elastic waist with a little tie and cute straps details in the back. 

I made one more stop before I headed home into New York and Company.
It's been quite a while since I've shopped in there, but thought I'd just run through and see what I could find. I stumbled on several cute tops to try on.

I thought this was a really cute off shoulder top and if you look at the bottom picture you could convert it easily by just letting the elastic up on your shoulders.

This top is buttery soft. The fabric feels wonderful and it's super comfortable and again, it can be worn off shoulder or if you're not quite ready for that it can just as easily be worn up on your shoulders.

New York and Company had several off shoulder tops that caught my eye and this was the last one I tried on. I liked it more than I thought I would. I was hesitant about the elastic at the waist, but actually liked it once I saw it on and the lace detail on the bottom of the sleeves is so feminine and pretty. The fabric is light enough to wear during the summer but will also make this top and easy transition as cooler temps start to show up in late summer and early fall.

I think it would look really cute with jean shorts or black jeans or pants dressed up with cute heels for date night or an evening out with the girls.

Aren't those sleeves darling?

This racerback tank is soft and light and just the ticket for steamy, hot summer days...or nights.
Another great choice for the 4th of July, but not limited to a day for red, white and blue.

And last but not least...

Another cute top for the scorching summer temps which can be dressed up or down. This top could really be used for any occasion depending on how you pair it. Jeans, jean shorts, white jeans, black pants or jeans, the possibilities are wide open and this little top is flowy and comfy to boot.

So there you have it friends. I hope you like watching my trip to the mall in pictures. You can see my hair get messier with every thing I try on and let me tell you a couple of hours in the dressing room will wear you out. LOL

The hardest part of trying on all of these cute clothes is not bringing them ALL home with me.
#kentwouldnotbehappy ;)

Hope you have a great day!
It's going to be 100 degrees here today which is above normal, but honestly I don't mind. Give me heat over cold any. day. of. the. week!!!


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  1. I'm glad you showed them on the hanger because seriously they look so different on! I always have a hard time picking things up to try on because they all look so ugly hanging. You looked adorable in every single one!!

  2. Thanks Sarah!!!♥♥♥ There were a couple of dresses hanging there and when I tried one of them on, it looked AWFUL. It would be adorable on someone like our friend Jess, tall and thin. ;) XOXOXO


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