Monday, November 7, 2016

Great Gift Ideas

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel this way?
I'm one of those people who would prefer my daylight in the evening and it stay dark longer in the morning. When it gets dark by 5:00 I feel like it's time to get my jammies on an snuggle in, but one asked me, so I guess turn the clock back it is.

There's no denying the official countdown to Christmas has started and it's time to get prepared.
I've gathered some gift ideas for you that are ALL ON SALE!!!

Today I'm sharing ideas for the guys in your life and the girls. I've got a rounup of some great sale items that you might want to grab before someone else beats you to it.

First, for the guys.

All Vineyard Vines on Sale

Now for the girls in your life.
These items are all so reasonably priced. Think about teachers, baby sitters, co-workers, Secret Santa, and all those other opportunities you have to add a little bling to someone's life.
A lot of these are really good substitutes and look-a-likes for more expensive options.

Suede Choker Bolo Necklace / Square Stud Earrings (2)Bar Pendant / Skylight Ring / Shimmer Stack Ring  / Genesis Pendant / Pink Tassel Pendant

Happy Monday Friends!



  1. Such great gift ideas! I'm definitely going to order a few :)


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