Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Mark Downs

I was in Nordstrom Tuesday and found a scarf I had been eyeing but it was so similar to one I already have I didn't buy it. (even though it was already pretty cheap). I was online yesterday...imagine that, and it along with quite a few other things have been put on sale. YIPPEE!!!

Here's a quick round up of some super affordable gifts if you are still looking or need just one more little thing.

Any or all of these would make perfect stocking stuffers or maybe you are participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange. Who wouldn't be thrilled to open one of these?

Update: My kids are home, my heart is full and now I'm off to bible study...hate to leave them on the first day they're here, but I'm pretty sure they'll survive.😉

One more day til' Friday. Hang in there my friends!



  1. I have like 3 of these scarfs and snagged a few to keep on hand for gifts in 2017 once I saw them on sale!!

    1. Great idea Shelly! I love a bargain!


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