Monday, April 25, 2016

All things beauty

It's a link up...YAY for link ups!!!

Today I'm hitching my blog wagon to Andrea from Momfessionals and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything for their monthly "Let's Talk" series. 

I've tried to link to as many products as possible, so if you see something written in green and click it, it will take you to that product.

So I'm surprisingly low maintenance when it comes to beauty routines. It's only been in the last year that I really started taking my skin care routine serious.

I won an eye cream from a friend who sells Rodan + Fields. I started using it and just fell in love with the way it felt on my skin so I decided to try some other products and loved them too. That lead to me becoming a consultant for if you are looking for a good skin care line, I'm your girl.
Click here to go to my website.

So having said all of that, here's what my skin care looks like.

I use the REVERSE in the morning to get rid of sun damage (I already went through the entire regimen once and now Im' using this Accelerator Pack). I also use the eye cream in the morning. This Multi-function Eye Cream is truly one of the products that SOLD me on this line of skin care. See the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste and the Night Renewing Serum? Those are my other two favorites. I'm here to tell you that the micro paste absolutely makes your skin so soft and then once you put the night renewing serum on, it feels like velvet, (the little blue bullets of liquid gold...L♥VE this stuff!).

So at night I use the REDEFINE line along with eye cream again. On Monday, Wednesday & Friday's I use the paste instead of the mask, followed by the toner, Night Renewing Serum, Overnight Restorative Cream and of course my favorite, the eye cream. It sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn't. It's just a few minutes and if I can turn back the hands of time and keep things from getting out of control, then I'm all for a few extra minutes. (Just do it before you get tired...other wise I get #lazy)

My make up routine is really low key. I'm not one of these girls who spends a ton of money on makeup. 

Here are the products I use daily and the order in which I apply them.
1. Avon Magix Skin Perfector - I have an oily T-zone and this has a mattifying quality plus built in that. I've been using it for years and it really does the trick.
2. Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser in the Brightener shade. I apply it under my eyes in the shape of a triangles #thinkbutterflywings. I also put it on my eyelids and lips.
3. Lancome Dual Finish pressed powder. I started using this in college because one of my roommates used it and I liked it #borrowed. It can be used with a wet sponge or dry with a brush depending on the amount of coverage you want. I went through a phase of using an actual foundation for a couple of years but came back to this. I use it dry because I prefer a more natural look.
4. Bronzer - I've been using this one I get at Ulta for several years and it gives me just the slightest bit of color so I don't look like I'm actually wearing bronzer #fooledya'  It last forever and when I checked their website they didn't have it, but I did find it here on Amazon.
5. Cover Girl Blush in Rose Silk - for so many years I used a Lancome blush and then it was discontinued...story of my life. A lot of blushes contain a certain dye in them that breaks me out, so once I find one that doesn't, I stick with it. This gives you just the right amount of glow without being too much.
6. Maybelline Eye Liner - this is hit or miss depending on my mood and if I'm in a rush. I put a thin line right at my lash line just on my upper lid then put eye shadow over it so it's extremely subtle. Again, I go for a more natural look with my make up.
7. Revlon Shadow Links - Oyster and Sand are the colors I'm using. Neutrals, I're shocked. These are sold individually and you can "link" them together. Pretty smart. 
8. Loreal Double Extend Lash Mascara - This mascara has been a favorite of mine for longer than I can remember. Not only do I like the way it makes my lashes look, I love that I can sleep in it and it doesn't come off on my pillow. When I shower the next day, it literally just pulls right off your lashes. I can't stand to be without my mascara and this mascara ensures I can have it on pretty much 24/7.
My brushes are some I picked up at TJ Maxx and they do the trick. I've had more expensive brushes in the past, but these are just as good.

And I forgot to include this little guy in the picture.

 My latest addition of a blender sponge. They are available in all price points but I'm not really sure why you'd need to buy an expensive one. You wet it, squeeze out the excess water and blend away. Works great!

Lipstick...I find one I like and wear it for years, and then it's discontinued and I have to find a new one. (Insert alligator tears here)

My current ones I'm trying are these

I sometimes wear the lighter shade alone when I want to stick with my more neutral/natural look, but when I want a little more color I'll add the brighter shade.

This is my favorite perfume! I like floral scents. Unfortunately I'm a perfume sponge. I put it on and it seems like in about 20 minutes you can't smell it, but that doesn't stop me.

The last crucial part of my beauty routine...hahaha, is my hair. I. have. a. TON!!!!

I wash it everyday (except occasionaly I don't on Sunday's to give it a break) because I get all gross when I "super glisten" working out. ;)

I grew up in a house FULL of shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel, hairspray, and any other product you can come up with.  You name it, we had it because my mom had a salon in our house.
So you'd think I would be persnickety about my hair products. Well...guess what? I'm not. I use whatever kind of shampoo I feel like getting and mousse from Target or where ever I am when I need it.

After I blow dry my hair I always run a straightener through it and put it up on these velcro rollers for a few minutes. It adds volume,which I need because my face is long and thin.

This is my favorite hairbrush (going to spare you seeing mine because hairbrushes look...well let's face it, hairy) 

Denman Professional Paddle Brushes [ BD0083 ]

So in a not so small nutshell, there you have it. There's nothing glamorous about it, but it works for me and hey, isn't that what we're all after?

Happy Monday! Hope your week starts out great!!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Do You Have Five?


This week has gone by crazy fast! I've had lots to keep  me busy getting ready to go visit my parents in Virginia today. They moved into a new house when we were visiting Christmas and there are still storage things that neat to be dealt with, so my brother and I are meeting there to spend a week helping them. I'm sure we'll all enjoy being together and the week will really fly by.

I am going all out crazy today and doing FIVE link ups with FIVE things.

These least that's what I call them. These things are tasty!!! They're lo-cal and make for a great snack, as a matter of fact I have some in my bag for on the plane. They come in about 5 different varieties, but so far these two are our favorites.

My new bag!!! I love it!!! I was in Target the other day and spotted it and knew it would be perfect to use as a "carry on" for my crackers my ipad and magazines. I brought it home, whipped out my Silhouette Cameo machine and made a vinyl monogram for it. Isn't it cute?

I'm still loving my new jacket. It's comfy and just the right weight for this time of year and because I'm always cold on airplanes, I'm wearing it today.  The happy brightness of it adds a nice splash of color to a plain tee (which BTW is shirred on the sides making it great if your not just a regular tee kind me) and jeans.

These precious little hand prints. This was my birthday present in 2001. Even if it didn't have the kids ages on it, I'd always be able to remember because it was right after 9/11 that we went in to have it made. There was the cutest little ornament with the tiniest little hand on it  of a baby that was born on 9/11. On a day when there was so much sorrow, there was also new life to be celebrated.

We've found another coffee we like. One of the perks Katie gets working at Starbucks is to bring home a bag or box of coffee every week. So not only will we miss HER when she leaves for college, but we'll miss our FREE coffee.

OK friends, I think that does it for this week.
Wish me luck as I go to participate in "The Great Purge of 2016"

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

T minus 18 days and counting

That's how long you have to prepare for celebrating...
 In case you haven't thought about it yet, it's Sunday, May 8th.
Are you ready?

Well if you're not, it's not too late! If you're running low on inspiration I think I might be able to lend some help seeing as how I have first hand experience at being a mom and knowing a few things moms might like. I've put together a collage with suggestions of some things I have and love and some things I found that I like below. Just click on the green link and you'll be taken right to the pages where you can find and purchase them. Easy peasy!

*'d items are ones I personally own...and L♥VE

       Earrings                 Bracelet                     Necklace                  Bracelet

If your mom's not  really a jewelry kind-a gal, no worries. I've got some more options for you to check out.

Everywhere you look these days you see cute chalkboards with beautiful writing and all kinds of fun sayings or inspirational thoughts. I found this book on another blogger's blog just last week. You can check out Stephanie's blog here.  She's cute as a button.

This book looks so AWESOME but if your mom's not into the whole chalk lettering phenomenon then maybe this darling Keepsake Kitchen Diary would be more up her alley. This is absolutely the cutest idea, especially for young mommas. You could start this when your daughter (or son) is young and have it to give her at her wedding shower. I mean seriously, every woman there will be so jealous she didn't know about this. I really want to start one for my daughter. I have a shadow box in my kitchen that my mom had made for me that holds my grandmothers pie tin, rolling pin (made by her father, my great-grandfather), her hand whisk, the cover to her pie cookbook and a handwritten (by my grandmother) recipe for her chocolate pie. It is absolutely one of my most prized possessions.

OK, back to the Keepsake Kitchen Diary

What a great gift...your mom will love it. I know I would!!!

Last up, but certainly not least...
A lot of moms feel guilty spending money on skin care but don't you think your mom is worth every penny? She's always putting everyone else's needs first. The last one to sit down to dinner, doing all the laundry, up late put the finishing touches on costumes and on and on.  Let your mom know you appreciate her and that she deserves to take care of herself and love the skin she's in. 
Visit my Rodan + Fields website or contact me through email or in the comments section below and I'd be more than happy to help you treat your mom to wonderful skin care.

Today Target is offering another special in honor of  tax week. Click this link for 25% off all Home Decor.

Hope this helps and inspires you to remember and celebrate your mom in    
T minus 18 days.

Happy Wednesday friends!!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A day in my life.

Today I'm participating in a monthly link up with Andrea and Erika to talk about "A day in your life".
Prepare to be wowed friends. My days will absolutely keep you on the edge of your seat. 

I typically get up between 6:00-6:30 a.m. depending on the day and Katie's schedule.

The first thing I do every morning is brush my teeth. Well actually the first thing I do is make the bed...that's hard wired in and I can't stand to leave the bed unmade.
 Anyway, after that comes my teeth.  I can't get to my toothbrush and toothpaste fast enough. I'm sorry if you are one of those people (Kent) who gets up, and drinks coffee or whatever and then brushes their teeth...I don't get it. I have to do that right away!

Having said that, the next thing on my agenda is this...

I make my coffee!!!! 
I do this while I'm getting Katie's breakfast ready and then I do this...

I love the quiet of the morning and start out by checking my email, Facebook, reading blogs or blogging myself.

Since I no longer have little kids at home (and barely have a big kid) I have a lot more "free" time than you momma's of little ones. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of breakfast, backpacks and bus stops now because your day will come and you'll find yourself wondering how it got here so quickly?

I had been doing my bible study in the morning but here lately I've been doing it in the afternoon.

I work out six days a week. Sometimes I do DVD's that are a combo of cardio and weights, some day's I walk outside, but I typically do my elliptical and frequently do an arm workout after that.

Next up I shower and am ready for whatever errands or other things the day has a head. Just like all moms my days are filled with laundry. A load here, a load there. Grocery shopping and odds and ends.

Kent is always telling me he worries about me and wonders what I do. This has become more of a theme as we have moved twice in the last 6 years and it's harder to make connections when you kids are older.  It's sweet and funny at the same time. I assure him I'm fine. My days are somehow filled. I'm very independent and manage to fill my time with no problem. I've usually got some kind of project going on, be it big or small, or something in the planning.

By the time I do a little running around or even just things around the house it's time to start thinking about dinner and get that underway. I love to cook (and Kent loves to eat - haha), so I enjoy trying new recipes. I find lots of ideas on Pinterest that I'll make or spark me to do my version of something.

And my day looks like this at the end...

This one is very popular with my kids. I like to have my glasses on so I can see the TV, but I put the readers on so I can see the ipad too. Multi-tasking, even once my head hits the pillow ;)

So there you have it. I find there a periods in life where you are super busy and periods that are a little more sedate. I'm currently in a more sedate time and it's great. It allows me time to do things I want to do and travel to see family and friends.

And before I go I'll let you know today Target's special promotion to help you spend your refund (like you need help, right?) is 30% off Bed and Bath items. I see new sheets in my future. Click the link below to take advantage of this deal. 

Happy Tuesday friends!


Monday, April 18, 2016

May your coffee be strong, and your Monday be short.

Hello Monday!
The weekend was great, so I have no reason not to believe the week will be as well.
I've got a weekend recap and the comfy clothes I wore to share with you.

Friday I was running errands and the weather was going to be perfect for wearing my new jean jacket. Let me just say, it didn't disappoint. This jacket is so lightweight and comfortable, with just the right amount of stretch. I L♥VE it! I also love the lighter color for a change from my other jean jacket.

Saturday I was the first one up just like most Saturdays. So what do I do?
Snapchat of course.

We didn't have any big plans this weekend and the weather was gorgeous so we were just going to go out and run around.  Before we left the house we popped outside to take a quick
 picture of me wearing this new shirt I picked up at Loft. Oh my is so soft! I mean like never want to take it off soft. 

When we were going out to take the pictures Katie had my phone...

 This girl is a mess. What we're going to do this fall when she leaves is beyond me. I know for sure we won't be busting into spontaneous laughter as often from her antics like this...


My lunch date for life♥

Cheers to kids cones for me and my "kid"

And Kent and I ended the day with a stroll through Target.

Sunday I finally got a chance to wear this cute t-shirt dress I bought at Gap. It's been hanging in the closet begging to be worn, but the weather hasn't been cooperative until now.
 It's cute, comfy AND it has POCKETS!!!! 

FYI...I'm still in love with my lace up flats, but you could just as easily throw this dress on with a pair of flip flops for a casual everyday feel and look cute running your errands.

 I look like such a shrimp next to Katie when she's wearing these shoes. Her dress is from last year, but Old Navy has the same style this year in a lot of cute prints. She wears it with heels and flip flops, so it's good for any occasion.

Last but not least, I had one more comfy outfit to finish out the weekend. I've shared this shirt before, but it's become a favorite and deserves to be shown again. 

Before I go I'll just let you know that Target is having special deals everyday this week to celebrate your tax refund.
Today only: 18% off Women's and Kids' Clothing in honor of Tax Day.
Click here to take advantage of this deal
That does it for today friends.
Happy Monday!


Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Well it happened again. I blinked and it's Friday.
Another full week of this and that and now it's time for Friday Favorites. 
I actually had a little trouble coming up with mine this week, but here's where I ended up.

This link up this week was a lot of fun and I'm excited about a new "series".  It was fun to read what other bloggers considered their must haves. A lot of people said they'd bring the same things so if a bunch of us get stranded together we'd better have a good plan in place so we don't end up with nothing but sunscreen and toothbrushes.

A little yogurt and berries "parfait" is one of our favorite breakfasts, snacks or treats. I like to put a drizzle of honey and a few mini-chocolate chips on top, and if I have granola, a sprinkle of that goes on for crunch.

This new jacket!!!
I love the color. I love the style. I love the weight.
It's pretty close to perfect. Checks and plaids are a huge trend again this spring and this shirt is one of my favorites and paired with another favorite, this pair of jeans, it makes for the perfect outfit. I'm also a huge fan of the lace up shoes being seen everywhere. They work great for those of with more narrow feet. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about having them tied around my ankle, but I don't mind at all and you can dress them up or down. I can't wait to wear them with a couple of cute t-shirt dresses I've purchased for a fun look.
And if you're more of a popover kind-a girl, here's an equally cute, similar option for you.


 I had to make a collage of photographs of Katie from birth until now for use at some senior events. It's so fun to look back at all the precious pictures and remember all the different fun stages of her life. It's truly so hard to believe she leaves for college in 4 months. I sure wish I had a magic wand and could go back and relive some of those days.

Last week after I posted the picture of the 3 dresses we looked at for some functions several people commented that she needed this dress. I had to agree. It looks absolutely darling on her, so Monday we went back and bought it.

I guess that wraps it up for this week.
Hope you've had a great week and are looking forward to whatever your plans are this weekend.


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