Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Try It On Tuesday

It's time for the second installment of Try It On Tuesday where I go out and and try my hand at "modeling" some cute clothes that catch my eye so you can see how they look on a real person. 

Clothes look so different on different body types and since most of us aren't built like runway models it's hopefully helpful for you to see them on an everyday woman. 

Just to give you an idea of my size I'm 5'3" tall and I wear an x-small/small in tops and 4, 6 on the bottom with an occasional 8 if they are cut super straight because I AM NOT cut super straight. 
 I have what I consider a slight pear shape to hour glass shape.

Let's get started...

This top caught my eye on the hanger and I loved it when I tried it on. I guess a lot of other women felt the same way because it's now sold out. There is a similar one included in the half yearly sale for 40% off. 

I. love. hot pink. This tiered mixed media tank is perfect for warm weather. You can dress it up or down with white jeans, regular denim or cute cropped pants and it's dressier than just a regular old tank. It would look great with a long necklace which a again could give it a more casual or dressy feel depending on your choice.

Apparently I have a thing for sleeveless tops...Haha
This one is a jersey material but it's not to clingy. Not a trapeze top, but not a straight tank either. The stripes going every which way add a lot of visual interest and help camoflage any flaws you might have. wink, wink,

This tropical print shift is polyester. Don't say EWWW, it is seriously so SOFT. The fabric is a super smooth, velvety feel and has such a fun print. Floral dresses are everywhere you look right now and this one is just darling. You could wear it with cute sandals for a day out or add heels for a dressier look and because it's a shift there's extra room around the tummy if you're going out to dinner...go ahead and have dessert.

I talked about how I have been wanting a new watch for a long time in an earlier post and how I got this one for Mother's Day.

I'm still loving it and I love the way this Kendra Scott bracelet pairs with it. It would be really cute to stack a couple of them, maybe even in mixed metals. Gold and silver? Yes, please.

Oh my goodness I love this cute little linen shirt. It's made to tie in the front and hang longer in the back but can also be worn untied for a different look. The colors in it are just so pretty and it's really comfortable. Wear it with flip flops like I am here or add a cute pair of wedges to dress it up a bit.

I've mentioned previously that I'm just not a regular tee kinda girl, but from time to time I like to have one for a casual look. This is the one I was wearing last weekend in the pictures we took for Katie's Sr. Ball.  I was really excited to come across this knot front tee that is more flattering especially if you tend to be short waisted like I am. 

I've found several cute dresses lately and this is definitely one. It's light weight and cool and comfy feeling AND 40% off. It just screams summer.

Here's another example of not your average tee I found. It looks like a tee from the front, right? But the back is a precious pleated white material that hangs longer than the front. Paired with white jeans this would be so cute.

STRIPES! I love stripes and I love a cross front top so this was an A+. It's a rayon material and looked great with regular jeans but would look so crisp with a pair of white jeans. I really want to go on a vacation to the beach and take this top to wear out to dinner after a day by the pool. Perfection!

CUTE! That's the word I'd use to describe this top. It's a little sheer so you have to wear a cami under it, but it's so lightweight and comfortable and I just love the olive and black together. You could easily pair this with a black jacket or sweater and take it right into the fall with jeans and boots or keep it summer casual with your black flip flops like I am here.

This is another top that is dying to go on vacation with you this summer. It looked really bad over the cami I had on and I was tired and lazy by the time I got to it, so you'll just have to imagine it on. The back is absolutely so cute with all the little straps. L♥VE.

So there you go. I hope seeing things on is helpful. It's always surprising to me how things I think will look great may not and things I'm not so sure about surprise me. I'm always telling Katie you have to try it on, you never know.

Do you like "Try It On Tuesday"?
I'm trying to get my feet under me in the realm of fashion blogging so hang with me. ;)

Happy Tuesday and enjoy your four day week!


Monday, May 30, 2016

Let's Talk...Summer

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Thank you to all those who have served our country! 
That's something I bet they never get tired of hearing and none of us say often enough so it's nice to be reminded to be thankful and more than being thankful to express that thankfulness.

Living on the East Coast most of my life meant that Memorial Day seemed to frequently be accompanied by rain. It never failed the first weekend the pool was open the weather wouldn't cooperate. Go figure.

I hope wherever you are today you'll have gorgeous weather and be able to enjoy it.

It's time for another link up with Andrea and Erika for 
Let's talk....
And this time time we're talking about what we have planned for the summer months.

Our summer is going to be pretty much all about KATIE!!!

This girl right here graduates in less than 2 weeks...TWO WEEKS!!!

YES!!! She's sooooo excited and also sooooo ready to BE DONE. I'm here to tell ya' they are working these kids right to the bitter end.

As soon as she graduates we head to Nashville for a week for her registration. We will likely squeeze in some shopping  for her dorm room and leave stuff there to be ready for her in August as well as see friends, lay by the pool and eat some good Mexican food.

This summer is going to FLY by. I have a feeling it will be the fastest summer of our lives. I want to try to soak in every single second. After August 14 our lives will forever be changed, not in a bad way, just in a very different way.
It is going to be so strange for Kent and I to get on a plane and come back to California to an empty house with no more kids. We haven't lived alone in over 21 years and honestly it's hard to remember our lives before our children were in them.♥
Our friends who have already made this transition assure us it is GREAT! I sure hope they know what they're talking about, ;)

Katie and I are going to make a trip to Minnesota in July for a week to visit her best friend and some of our friends from when we lived there 3 years ago.

This is Kylie and she's such a sweetie. She is the Yin to Katie's Yang.
She's easy going, slow talking and low key.
Katie on the other hand is intense, fast talking and full of energy.
They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

These two girls are just such sweet friends and we can't wait to get together and have some fun. 
And BONUS, Kylie's mom and I are friends too!

Once we return from Minnesota we'll have a couple of weeks at home and then it will be time to pack Katie up and head for college. My head just about spins when I think about how quickly that time will come.

What are YOUR summer plans? Feel free to shout out in the comments and let me know. 

Enjoy this Memorial Day and a four day week!


Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites


We made it! It's finally Friday AND it's finally Memorial Day. 
Summer is almost here!
I'm am in every way a spring and summer girl.
I'd prefer to be hot over cold any day of the week.
I'm one of those people that can lay out in the sun, by the pool, in 90+ degree temperatures, with humidity and only occassionally get in the water.

Enough about that, let's get on with it. 
Since it's Friday you know you'll find me linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for...


HALLELUJAH my order of Magix finally came in Wednesday.

I think these should last me a while. Don't you?  I was out for a couple of weeks and tried another product I talked about here, that just didn't cut it.  I could get free shipping if I spent a certain amount and they were running a sale so I just stocked up so I don't get caught without any again. If I wasn't already convinced that this tube was "magic", I am now.


Snapchat filters.

These filters on Snapchat are too stinking fun. We (my friends & I)  have the best time sending these back and forth and P.S. they make your skin look great!

I've got one girlfriend who does them on her little girls (Hi Sarah!) and they are just a hoot.

How cute is this little "Saloon goer"???


Katie got her cap and gown this week.

I of course immediately had to steam the wrinkles out of it and now it's ready and waiting. Two weeks from last night our baby girl will be a high school graduate. Wednesday night we went to the Senior Awards Ceremony and she received several awards for her academic achievements. She is one smart, hard working girl and we couldn't be more proud.

On a side note: I should get some kind of award myself for being so brave during this whole graduation season. This mama is really holding it together and anyone who knows me is probably saying "seriously?"...Yes, seriously.

Can anyone else relate to this? Kent just can't seem to understand why women require so many clothes than men and I keep trying to make him understand, but apparently he's a slow learner.

Now I'm going to "Take the 5th" and leave it at that. ;)


Memorial Day

Memorial Day is more than a three day weekend or a time for great SALE's.
(although I do love both of those.)

Memorial Day is an opportunity to remember those who have served our country and lost their lives doing it so we can enjoy the many freedoms we often take for granted.

Katie's school colors are blue and red.
This morning she came downstairs dressed like this..

You might think she REALLY loves Memorial Day ;)
Today is the last (pep) rally of the school year and she's in charge of leading it.

Tonight is the Powder Puff football game where the senior girls play the junior girls and she's playing so Kent and I will be going to watch. It should be fun! I played when I was in high school and again if you know me you are probably saying "seriously?" Yes, seriously.

My dad said "You were running around with a big question mark on your face".


If you are a Jimmy Fallon or Blake Shelton fan and haven't seen this video yet, you've got to watch it. IT. IS. HILARIOUS!

Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet friends!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Also linking up with  these blogger babes.
Make sure you stop by and see what their favorites are this week along with Erika, Narci and Andrea.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

DIY Necklace Display and Sale Alerts

How do you store your necklaces? 
Do you have a special piece of furniture to hold all of your baubles?

I love keeping things organized and it makes me even happier if there's a pretty way to do it.

I have a drawer in the vanity of our bathroom with my bracelets and earrings and until Monday my necklaces were on command hooks in the closet.

Felt lined dividers like I'm using here are available at a lot of retailers. Mine came from TJ Maxx or Marshall's (big surprise, right?), but I'm sure places like Bed, Bath & Beyond have something similar if you look.

When Katie and I were shopping for her many dresses she's needing with graduation associated events we were in a boutique and they had their necklaces displayed on the cutest rack.

I stood there looking at it for a minute, thinking it reminded of something and then I remembered this...

I had seen that same piece without the knobs in Hobby Lobby! Well I knew right away I'd be heading over there to see if I could find the parts I needed to make my own.

I walked in and headed straight to this aisle and THERE. IT. WAS.
WOOHOO!!! and it was 50% OFF...DOUBLE WOOHOO!!!
(if you're patient, you can get most anything at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and if you're not, well they ALWAYS have a 40% coupon available for one item. I talked a little bit about their sales in this post)

So I grabbed my wood and iron piece and headed straight for the knob aisle.
Bonus - knobs were 50% off also!

This was the HARDEST PART for me. If you are at all indecisive (ahem) prepare to be standing here for a while. Go ALONE...don't take your family. 

I laid the iron piece across my shopping cart and tried a ton of combinations of different knobs until I found the perfect TEN I needed. (Would you believe after all that I ended up going back to exchange 4 of them? Make sure they have a shaft on them to allow a place for the necklaces to hang.)

The crystal "door knob" style, white w/gold dots and antique porcelain white knobs are the ones I ended up exchanging.

Layout your knobs staggered for hanging and mark where you want to drill your holes. If you're lucky, your husband will be home and volunteer.

Screw on your knobs and voila...there you have it. Isn't it GREAT???
(You'll also have to cut the screws on the knobs down to make them shorter once they are attached...another good job for the hubs ;)

I'm SO EXCITED with my new necklace organizer/display.

Memorial Day is this weekend and that can only mean one thing...SALES.
Here are just a few on my RADAR as of today.

Use the code BRTAKE40 now through Memorial Day for 40% off.

35% off your purchase with code EVENT

60% off all Sale & Summer Favorites
40% off New Arrivals

Extra 30% off Sale items

Vanishing Edge Pantyraid 5 for $37 (reg. $16-$19 each)
I've been buying my panties (also on sale) at SOMA for a long time. I love the Embraceable Hipsters personally. They have more coverage than a bikini, but aren't "granny panties" and the lace on the back doesn't crawl AND doesn't show through pants...not even leggings or yoga pants.

I buy all my bras and my favortie leggings (all leggings here) from SOMA as well.
If you're interested in SOMA, leave a comment with your email address. I'll refer you and you can get $15 off your order and I'll get a credit also.

One more day friends and it's a THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!!

Make it great!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nordstrom SALE Alert!!!


It's the NORDSTROM Half Yearly Sale!

I had a post all ready today with an awesome DIY, but you'll just have to come back tomorrow for that. Instead I'm going to highlight some of the great deals I've found on SALE and if you know how these NORDSTROM sales go, you know things. go. FAST!

Grab a cup of coffee and take a seat because there are a lot of pretty things to check out. Anything highlighted in green can be clicked on and will take you straight to the item.

This dress is darling for summer and if you are still looking for a dress for a graduation or wedding it  would be great. More lace dress options on sale here.
If you've been wanting to treat yourself to a pair of Tory Burch sandals now's your chance. These super cute red ones are on sale and will add a punch to any outfit.

Some colors in this Vince Camuto sandal I talked about here last week are reduced.

Another Tory Burch option

This is not the best picture of this Halogen Knot Front Tee, but if you like a tee with a little more structure this is a great option.

This is just the cutest Kate Spade bag and perfect for summer travels.

This Lace & Faille Dress is another great option for a special occasion. 
I think it is just so sweet and feminine.

Now's the time to get in on this trend. This Fatigue Jacket is the perfect length and can go with everything from regular denim jeans, black jeans and skirts or maxi dresses.

These jeans are made by the same maker as my favorite ever so comfortable jeans I talked about here.

This necklace is a steal and comes in a couple of different colors. It's a great way to make a statement when wearing a simple dress or tee. Hint: Think about those teachers and graduates you know ;)

These studs are the perfect earring whether your working out or dressing up and at a price point of 2 pair for $9.98...well you can't go wrong.
These would also make great teacher gifts or graduation gifts.

This little cami can stand alone with denim or black jeans, but would also pair great with shorts and work great under your favorite jean jacket.

If you like to have more than one style of sunglasses these are a great addition to your collection. Nordstrom carries a wide variety of sunglasses with an affordable price point in their Juniors Department. Find all the options here

I tried this blouse on last week when I was in Nordstrom for my next "Try it on Tuesday" post and fell in love. It is so cute and I love the cut of it. Katie even commented on how cute it was when she saw the picture of it.

Flowy blouses are perfect for steamy summer days and this one is no exception. It can be paired with black slacks for work or jeans for an outing. The pleat in the front and subtle gathering at the shoulders make it different from most tanks and add interest and it has a slightly longer back.

If you are still looking for a pair of distressed jeans for a reasonable price this just might be the pair for you. I talked about the "two camps" for distressed jeans here in this post and offered suggestions for keeping the distressing from getting crazy.

Hunter Rain Boots are THE rain boots for rainy days. There are several other options on sale here.


Converse sneakers and shorts go hand in hand. They are equally cute with a pair of rolled up jeans and a tee for a casual summer look.

How cute is the fringe on the bottom of this tank? And the neckline is not your average neckline. This tank is great for showing off those shoulders and your summer tan.

You can't look around and not see a tassel this season. They. are. everywhere. This is a cute way to add that element to your own bag or necklace. Another great option for teachers or grads.

This dress is so CUTE!!! If I was going on vacation this dress would definitely be going in my suitcase along with my white jean jacket.

A LOT of blogs I read rave about these Zella leggings and Zella workout gear in general. I'm going to order a pair and see for myself. Here are some other Zella options also on sale.

This dress is so cute and in my quest for graduation dresses for myself I tried it on. If you are "well endowed" up top, this is the dress for you. I'm afraid I'm just not woman enough for it. ;)

I have a different pair of jeans by Wit and Wisdom and they are REALLY comfortable. They have a lot of stretch, but don't bag out by the end of the day. This lighter colored pair is a great option for summer.

My favorite wallet is on sale and other Kate Spade items are available here on sale.

Okay, I have to make myself stop because honestly I could sit here all day telling you about all the things on sale but I've got work to do.

Happy Wednesday friends!!!
Hope this helps and you find something pretty for yourself or that perfect gift.


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