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Friday Favorites #67

Happy Friday y'all! As happy as I am to see Fridays around here, I'm also starting to wish they would roll around a little slower. It's going to be time for Miss Katie to head back to school much too soon for my liking. Well today's the day the Nordstrom sale opens to the public so in lieu of my normal Friday Favorites I thought I'd share some of the things I ordered. Some I plan to keep, some are undecided and some I actually returned last night. I've still got more coming in and I wish I could keep it all, but that just doesn't need to happen.


The jury is still out on this top but I'll probably keep it. I love the look and thinks it's super cute, but I'm just trying to decide if when the weather cools down I really want my shoulders to be cold? I ordered a petite small in this one. These pants are by KUT and they are nice and soft and stretchy. I'm wearing a 4.  They feel like pajamas and I'm all for staying in my pjs. LOL I love these adorable booties, but they went back last night. They have the cutest cutout detail I think a lot of bloggers ordered them and for them they are comfy, but I could tell I wasn't going to want to wear them so back they went. I've got another pair in my cart with a lower heal to try.

This is the top Katie and I both ordered. I ordered what was described as black and wasn't sure what to expect because it looked dark gray in the photo and that's how I'd describe it. I ordered a small in this one but I'm usually and x-small in Free People. I love to add a piece or two of their clothing to my closet. They are different and usually have some kind of fun detail. The back of this is where you find it and the high low hem. These jeans I LOVE! It's taken me a while to get on the light denim express but these won me over. Super comfy and cute frayed hem. This pair is a 6P and I've ordered a regular 4 & 6 to try because I'd prefer they were just a smidge longer.


Same Free People top with the same pants as the green above but in burgundy.

These are the shoes I bought last year during the sale and I seriously ADORE them. Not only are they cute as all get out, but they are comfortable. YASSS! I'd almost go as far to say if you only order one thing from this sale, this is it. They make so many outfits looks darling and I swear every time I wear them someone comments on them. This years version is slightly different but the same basic look. The sizing is really limited so you can always order the wrong size and once the sale is over they will restock for fall and you can exchange them. #shoppingwizardhere

Once again, same pants as above in green but let's talk about this sweater. I ordered it last year and returned it and regretted it all winter long! Well, not this year. It's soft, cozy and darling! See how cute the shoes are mixed with the striped shirt? LOVE! WHAAAA...It's currently sold out, but keep checking, it might restock.


 Same outfit with a slightly different cardigan also sold out. Cardigan options herehere. This is why you need a Nordstrom credit card. Early access people are snatching up all the good stuff, oh yes we are. 😉

I keep looking at utility pants every year and never keep a pair. Could these be the ones? Time will tell. They're comfy and cute. I've just got to decide between these and a similar pair hanging in my closet.

           These leopard shoes are another closet must have in my humble opinion. Animal prints are pretty much considered a neutral these days...crazy, I know. This pair is a little pricey and it took me a while to finally order them, but they've been so worth it. I wear them all the time in the fall, winter and spring. They are adorable with so many outfits and even better than that, they are truly comfortable. They aren't on sale, but a great investment. 


So I really wanted to love this poncho on, but I think Katie put it best..."that's a lot of fabric". It sure is! If we lived somewhere that the temperatures were cold I'd have been tempted to keep it even for just around the house, but it was just too much for my 5'3" frame. It is all kinds of soft and like wearing your favorite blanket. Minnesota friends, you need this! I'm wearing my new favorite leggings with it. Grab a pair of these while they are on sale and thank me later.

I looked at these boots for about 5 years before I finally gave in last year and bought them. Trust me, it was the right decision. They are an investment but they will NEVER go out of style and I love them.

This dress is sold out, but watch for it to restock if you like it. I've mentioned we have a wedding to attend this fall (one of our favorite girls is getting married💕). I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it, but I really liked it much better than I expected and BONUS, there's plenty of room for cake in there!

This is the same sweater as the blush one at the beginning of the post. Here's a great example of continuing to check for things being restocked. When I started writing this is was SOLD OUT and now there's one size and one color back in stock. KEEP CHECKING FRIENDS, DON'T LOSE HOPE!!!

I loved these booties although I made a poor choice in the color. I thought this "new tornado" color would go with a lot and it doesn't so I'd go with the black or  new foxy in these. I did end up returning them. They were much to wide and flopped all over the back of my foot which broke my heart. I'd also suggest going down a half size in these. They are super cute and I wish they would have fit me better.

I've gotten quite the collection of sweaters by Barefoot Dreams. This hooded cardigan is as soft as a baby's blanket and really all the "coat" I need out here in CA. It's going to become my faithful travel companion. Perfect for lounging around the house, running out for some quick errands or grabbing if your going to a restaurant. I got myself a treat that's not on sale but I've been eyeing for some time. These Tory Burch sandals.  They are so cute and comfy as well. Yay me!

Oh my goodness! I'm so happy that's done. It's a lot of information, but I wanted to arm you with shopping knowledge. Now go forth and grab those bargains least the ones that are left. There's still plenty of good things to be had. Remember...order now, return later!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends.


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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ladies Who Link: Travel Tips & Vacation Suggestions

Hello and thanks for stopping by to see what's going on over here at Coast to Coast. Today I'm co-hosting with Allie from A Gal Named AlTrina & Sara from Mom's Coffee Date,  Tara from Mommy In A Nutshell and Holly from Pink Lady who happen to be  some of my favorite blogger buddies for the  Ladies Who Link party. Grab our graphic (or just link to one or all of us) and let's talk about our best travel tips & vacation suggestions. We have this fun little party the 3rd Thursday of every month and we'd love you to join. The more the merrier is what I always say...except when it comes to vacation weight...LOL.

This one turned into not only what I hope will be some helpful info, but a long walk down memory lane in the form of pictures, so grab your coffee and get to scrolling. Mom and Dad, you're going to love this post.❤️

As luck would have it I'm in the process of planning a special celebration trip for Kent and myself this fall. We are planning to go to Hawaii to celebrate our 25th anniversary and a milestone birthday for myself. I won't say the number but I will tell that I will have been married for HALF my life. WOW! Now there's your word problem for the day. PLEASE, if you have a favorite island or resort I should be looking at tell me. As of right now I'm thinking Maui is going to be the winner, but you might change my mind. Who knows?

I'm currently exploring the travel packages that Costco offers. Since I'm a DIY travel agent. I think the last time we used a bonafide travel agent was when Kent booked our honeymoon.  I'm a real DIY'er, even when it comes to travel. If you know the benefits of using a travel agent and have a good one (yes, I know Mix and Match Mama does travel) please leave your thoughts in the comments.

We do a fair amount of traveling these days with our kids both living in Nashville for school and now Benny actually residing there permanently with a real job. #winforhim #winfortheparents

So let's talk about a few of the major aspects of travel first.

I'm a loyal Southwest traveler. I used to always go on Kayak or one of those type sites to look for airfare when we were traveling, but I've found Southwest is consistently the cheapest and with their 2 bags FREE benefit, well, let's just say for those of us who are members of "overpackers anonymous" that's a major score.

Car Rentals
We also now frequently get rental cars and I would typically go about finding those the same way as flights up until the last couple of years. I stumbled upon It's also a comparison site, but I've had great luck with them finding me the best deal.

Thankfully most of the places we visit we are blessed to have friends to stay with but when I do need to find a hotel I turn guessed it. A comparison site such as Kayak.  I see what's available through them and then I also go straight to the hotels site and see if they have the same or even occasionally a better deal. I prefer not to book through 3rd parties because sometimes it can make it difficult if you need to cancel.

Okay,  now let's talk about our favorite vacation spots.
For years and years we went to Myrtle Beach, SC for our family vacations and LOVED it! I'd go back in a heartbeat if it wasn't so far away and a little challenging as far as flights go.

It was the first place we took Benny and Katie to the beach.

We continued to go to Myrtle Beach most summers for a long stretch of time.

Living in Virginia for the majority of my life and up until Benny and Katie were 15 and 12, meant we were able to see and do a lot of great things. Richmond is central to tons of great tourist spots and history.

One of our favorite spots was always Williamsburg. We were fortunate to live about an hour away and would frequently go just to hang out for a day. These pictures and a lot of the ones that follow are with our friends who were just here to visit us last week. They are our favorite travel partners and we've taken quite a few trips together.

We lived 2 hours from D.C and it was yet another place we could make an easy day or weekend trip out of.

If you've never been to the Great Smokey Mountains, you're missing out. Think the fun of the beach in a mountain setting. Places to hike, go-carts, miniature golf, Dollywood and lots of fun places to eat.

The Biltmore is quite the sight to see. Sitting in an absolutely gorgeous part of North Carolina, it's just amazing to think people actually lived like this. We saw this way before Downton Abbey came out, but it totally reminds me of it if you are a fan.

Once we moved to Minnesota we were closer (as in still an 8 hour drive) to Chicago and went there for a weekend. So many fun things to see and do and I'd love to go back.

Anyone who knows me also knows my first love involves sun and sand. We expanded our beach trips once our travel had to be done by plane and for a couple of years went to Panama City. If you want a check list, so to speak, check out this post.

Most recently we've come to love Orange Beach. It's right on the Florida/Alabama border. Living on the West Coast now I can promise you that East Coast beaches and beaches on the Gulf of Mexico are far superior to any over here. Sorry to anybody that offends...just telling it like it is.

Laura Horton...does what's on the screen of my computer look familiar to you?😄 I just happened to notice this when proofing. Even on vacation, I'm keeping up with my blogger friends.

I'm looking forward to reading all of your travels tips and seeing your favorite vacation spots. Mark you calendar if you're a blogger for our next link up when we'll be talking about back to school prep. And all the mama's just said, "no...make it stop!"

If you've missed any of the previous Ladies Who Link I've participated in you can check them out here:

Link up below and have a great day! It's almost Friday...again.
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