Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What I Wore Wednesday

Seems like I'm forever saying something like, "I can't believe today is the last (fill in the blank) of the month". Is it just me, or is 2017 flying by at record speed? 

I've managed to snap some pictures of what I'm wearing this week with the wishy-washy weather that comes this time of year. All of these items with the exception of one pair of shoes are things that have been in my closet for a while. They are good basics that you can reach for 75% of the time. In the spring and fall they all stand alone and in the winter you can add an outer layer to carry you through colder temps. I love having pieces that are not only versatile but also can be worn multiple ways. 

You may have noticed I love wear this necklace. I've talked about it before and I wear it all.the.time. I wear anytime I just want a little something at my neck and sometimes I layer a longer necklace with it. I'm thinking I might want a pinkish one for summer if anyone was wondering.πŸ˜‰

This wrap top is from Lucy workout wear but is so cute it can be worn on the daily. I love the cross front style and I can add any color cami under it to give a little different look. I usually end up reaching for a black cami, but this particular day I was feeling spring in the air and wanted to add a touch of color. I've been wearing my leopard flats almost constantly since it's warmed up a little. They've taken the place of my favorite booties.

This is another top that I've had for several years from Old Navy. I love black and white and this tunic can be paired with jeans like I have here but I've also worn it with black pants and that would make it work appropriate.  When I was getting dressed I wished I had a cute floral scarf to pair with this top. I do  however really love the pop of hot pink that my necklace adds. This necklace was my first piece of Kendra Scott that has since started a real love affair.

I was going to the dentist and to run a bunch of errands so I put on my new sandals. I love how cute they are and they are pretty comfortable too, but since I knew I'd be doing a fair amount of walking I opted for my favorite leopard flats. Oh how I love these shoes. They're a little pricey and I was hesitant to buy them at first, but I wear them a lot in seasonal transitions and they are more like house shoes. Great for doing a lot of walking and they come in a lot of other colors. I also have a saddle colored pair that are perfect with almost any outfit you want to pair flats with.

Let's talk about these jeans that are actually jeggings for a minute. I love the pull on jeggings from Old Navy. They fit well and are really about as comfy as a pair of leggings. You can achieve the look of jeans with a better silhouette for wearing shirts that fit a little closer to your body. They keep you from looking bulky and I don't know a single woman who wouldn't consider that a major plus.

Looks like I'd better reach for something other than black when I get dressed today. Maybe I'll branch out and wear gray (and why can I never remember if it's gray or grey?)

Y'all know I love my Rodan + Fields and yesterday we started a great special that everyone is excited about so I just have to share it with you.

Ladies, if you're not currently using a good eye cream, well you really should be. Our eyes can give away our age and nobody wants to do that. Growing up my mom was an esthetician and so she's always been one to say take care of your skin. I only wish I'd started using this product in my late 20's/early 30's instead of my late 40's. Even you young mama's need to be proactive and take care of those baby blues (or brown, green, hazel. You know what I meanπŸ˜‰)

This gift set comes with a full size eye cream and a jar of Lip Renewing Serum. This serum is wonderful for your lips. If you have dry, chapped lips or if your lips tend to peel like mine this really helps. It also will help reveal and maintain your fuller, younger-looking lips. Each little bulb of serum is rich with peptides and Vitamin E to help retain lips natural moisture, visibly smooth lip texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

As an added bonus you get an adorable little wristlet. Perfect for carrying when you going our for the evening, throwing in your purse to keep things organized or grabbing on the way out the door. Think about using it as a teachers gift for the end of the year. Add a lip shield or moisturizer to it and it would be a great way to say Thanks.

These gift sets are beautifully packaged. Rodan + Fields knows how to make them pretty and always hits it out of the park with packaging. These will be great for Mother's Day, graduation, a really nice end of the year teacher gift, BFF or sister birthdays. So often we as women don't want to take the money out of our budget to take care of our skin so a gift of skincare would be much appreciated.

Visit my website for information on this and all of our products and please let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to answer them and point you in the right direction.

Give our Solution Tool a try while your looking around the website. It only takes a minute and will tell you what would be best for your skincare needs and concerns. Click here and be taken right to it. You can email yourself the results for you records so you can remember what was recommended because if you're like me you'll forget by lunch time.

Happy Wednesday friends. My week is flying by and I hope yours is as well.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday

Good morning and Happy Tuesday blog friends! Hope you're week has gotten off on the right foot. I woke up this morning and realized I totally forgot to do a blog post last night. WHAT??? That's never happened before. I was working on my bible study and then Benny and Erin FaceTimed us and I just totally forgot somehow. We'll chalk it up to Monday and (peri)menopause memory. (Sorry Dad if that's too much info)

Andrea is hosting Show and Tell Tuesday and this month we are sharing some of our all time favorite pictures. Once again I'll say all the younger bloggers out there have it so much easier. The first almost half of my kids lives are on old school film that had to be developed and in album, after album, after album. I'd have to spend hours looking through books to find my favorites from when they were little and let's face it, "Ain't nobody got time for that".

I am however going to share some that were easily accessible on my computer. And on a side note, if anyone knows of an awesome (affordable) way to take all of our old negatives and have them digitized, I'd love for you to share that info. I tried a little machine I purchased from Costco to convert them and the quality was HORRIBLE. I've thought about Legacy Box and read mixed reviews. Have you used it and is the quality good? TIA 

I did take a couple of pictures of pictures we have around the house that are truly favorites.

This picture falls under the category of 'if the house ever catches on fire, this is what I'll grab on my way out the door'.  

So I'm having to force myself not to cry when I look at this precious picture and think about the fact that these two loves of my life are now grown. They are off in college and in 6 weeks, Benny will be a college graduate out in the real world. Mama's...I know people say this all the time, but I promise you, you just can't fathom it until you're sitting right where I am. You still feel (relatively) young and yet your babies are all grown up. 
Here's another all time favorite of mine.

I mean come on. Does it really get any sweeter than this? I'm forever thankful I somehow had the foresight (or maybe you'd say luck) to catch this moment on film. While it was just another Saturday morning of watching Benny play soccer, it was also unbeknownst to us the making of a memory I'll forever carry in my heart. Look at those sweet little hands on her back and kissing her daddy. What I wouldn't give to spend a day with that "little" version on Katie again. Every single thing about this picture is perfect.

My mom caught this moment with Kent and Benny snuggled up watching TV at their house one night. 

Just look at this little soccer player. She always had matching bows and was known all through out her elementary school for that. To be quite honest, it's still not uncommon for people to tell me they remember her bows. She may have looked all sweet but that little girl would get in there and mix it up with the best of em'.

While Benny didn't seem to have an enormous amount of tolerance for Katie while they were growing up, she was usually pretty sweet to him. These moments were few and far between but I believe now that they are older and living in the same city they've really started to develop a bond.

This is probably my favorite family picture. It was taken when we had Benny's senior pictures made. 
I love it!!!

I could go on and on. It's easy to get sucked into the black hole that is memory lane, but I've got stuff to do and you're probably getting bored. Well most of you anyway. I bet my parents and Kent would love it if I kept showing pictures. 

Have a great day friends!!! 


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Monday, March 27, 2017

Mash Up, Mix Up

Happy Monday friends!

 Was the weekend as good to you as it was to us? It wasn't that anything spectacular happened. We just had fun doing all the things we normally do. I've gotten so terrible at remembering to take pictures of things but I did manage to find some to share with you today. 

My weekend got started off with a bang by cleaning on Friday. I don't know about you, but keeping mirrors clean is next to impossible and they are my nemesis. I've tried tons of sprays and homemade concoctions. I've tried paper towels, t-shirts and newspapers. I feel like you name it, I've tried it. Currently the thing that I find to work best is this glass cleaner and these "shop" towels. I've talked about these towels before. They are nice and thick and don't leave near the amount of lint that normal paper towels do and this spray cleaner goes on as a foam and doesn't streak. WINNING!!!!

If you like to grill (and who doesn't?), then you should really try this marinade. So easy and so delicious. I used it this weekend on flank steak and it was so yummy. I ended up marinating it for over 24 hours because I put it in for Friday evening and then we decided to go out instead. #helloemptynest
Anyway, the meat was so tender and had the best flavor. You should really try it. 

Before I put it in the plastic bag...which BTW is such a great way to marinate if your not already doing it this way. I poked the meat with a fork umpteen million times to both tenderize and open it up to accept the marinade and it made a huge difference. So tender, so tasty.

So not a great pic of the finished product. Kent just snapped it because sometimes we  like to let the kids know what they're missing. We're nice that way, and want to make sure they remember it's good to come least for the food.πŸ˜‰

I also roasted all the vegetable in the oven and we LOVED them. It was actually the first time I've roasted carrots (even the purple and yellow ones are carrots) and they were yummy. So much so I picked up a big bag at Costco yesterday to make some more.

I currently have a love affair with succulents of the artificial variety. This was a table full I saw at Pottery Barn. It's incredible to me how realistic they look AND I can't kill the plastic ones. Something you may not know about me is that my house is where plants go to die.

We finally found the last 2 flavors of Halo Top that we'd been looking for. The Oatmeal Cookie...oh my!!! Literally tasted like an Oatmeal Cookie. Shocking, I know. But seriously, it even has little bits of oatmeal in it giving it a great texture. This flavor has risen to the top of our favorites list along with Red Velvet, Chocolate Almond, Mocha Chip, Mint, and Birthday Cake. We also found the Pistachio and while it was tasty, it's was more non-descript although the texture was delightful.

Katie babysat all day Saturday so we received quite a few Snapchats throughout the day. I'm pretty sure our girlie is a fun, loving and fun-loving baby sitter. 

I found her the perfect sweatshirt. In our house you learn the art of sarcasm pretty much with your first words. It's a gift.πŸ˜‚ Thankfully they both mastered the art of it but also are good at judging when it's appropriate and when it's not. 

That about wraps it up. Thank goodness I checked my calendar last night to see what I need to do today because I have an ortho appointment I wasn't aware of. I was thinking it was next week. Hopefully I'll get the buttons off my teeth from the Invisaligns I've been wearing for the last 6 months. 

Happy Monday y'all!


Saturday, March 25, 2017


I almost let this slip right by me. Oh my goodness....

Are you familiar with PANDORA? No, not the music service, but the jewelry. I became acquainted with them quite a few years ago when we started giving them to my mom for special occasions. 

They offer everything from necklaces, to rings, to bracelets, which I'd say is their most popular item. They are beautiful and you design yours to fit your personality or the personality of the recipient. 

Mom's are so hard to shop for and I know this because I have one and I am one. You know how we work, if we want something we usually just go get it. And then there are moms like me and mine who are also going to find it for the best possible price and we don't want our families overpaying. My poor family. This is such a challenge for them.

Is Mother's Day on your radar yet? If not, it should be. Go get your calendar right now and put a big star or heart or some marking on it! Sunday, May 14th!!!! Something from PANDORA could be the absolute perfect solution for you and your family not only for this Mother's Day but for many holidays to come. (you can thank me later) You can start her a bracelet now and continue to build on it until it's "full". Then you can start another one because they look gorgeous stacked and we mom's love us some arm candy. 

Through tomorrow PANDORA is having a special. Spend $125 and get a FREE bracelet. I promise it's not hard to spend $125. Buy a couple beads or charms and then you'll get the bracelet ($65 value) for FREE. Yes, do you hear me? FREE!!! That is by the way one of my favorite words, right after chocolate.

This is what my PANDORA bracelet looks like.

The sweet little butterfly charm is half of a set and my mom gave it to me. She has the other half and I just love that. You can do that for mother/daughter and friends and it's always a special reminder of that relationship when you look down and see it.

These are a couple of other pieces I have. The bracelets I've gotten through offers just like the one going on now. The solid bangle can have beads on it, but it is also a great layering piece. The black rope bracelet can have beads as well and has a much more casual feel. I love that the bracelets also come in various sizes. I get a small one since my wrists are as Katie puts it "freakishly small". 
Why-O-Why the good Lord decided I needed small wrists and sturdy thighs is beyond me.

The ring pictured I wear almost every single day. It is by far one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I first saw it on a friend and couldn't stop thinking about it, so I bought it for myself. I've had it for quite a few years and it's no longer available, but they have so many other rings.

This ring is gorgeous and would provide the same kind of presence as the one I have.

I love the 2 tones on this ring. I like to mix silver and gold most days, and having a piece that combines both makes me feel like they go better together.

So let's review. Mother's Day is May 14th!!! PANDORA could be the just the answer you've been looking for even though you may not have known it.

Happy Saturday peeps! Get out and enjoy the day! See you back here on Monday.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites #50

Hello Friday you beautiful day!

Can you believe today is the 24th day of March? I mean seriously. In a little over a week this year will be 25% over. We're going to blink twice and it's going to be fall and then Christmas. Okay I'll stop now. I'm sorry if I've raised your blood pressure. Oh and one more thing...have seen the July 4th decor already starting to pop up? Yes siree bob, if you've been in Hobby Lobby you've probably witnessed it for yourself. Let's just slow down and enjoy the season we're in.

It wouldn't be a Friday if we didn't talk about our favorites from the week and I thought this first one just might give you a good laugh. I know it did me.


 I know I'm not the only one. Voice texting and auto-correct can make you look like a moron in a hot second and give you a good laugh at the same time. I found some funny examples that are relatively clean but that auto-correct tends to be nasty.


Last Friday night we taught Katie's friend Harrison how to play spades. He caught on pretty quickly, but we still lost. Oh well...we demand a rematch.


Taking Katie back to the airport isn't really what I'd call a favorite, but seeing her again in 2 weeks is.


Through the 26th it's Triple Points time at Nordstrom. That means you only need to spend a little over $300 to get a $20 Nordstrom note. Winner, winner! That brings me to some cute things that now would be the perfect time to order.


These adorable platform wedges were around last year and have come back this year. They're so cute and I love that they aren't so high I just might tumble off of them.

Wrap around shoes are the new lace ups for this season and these darling little sandals bring a bow to the party. How cute would they be with frayed hem jeans, shorts, dresses...anything really. I'm all heart eyes when it comes to these cuties.

These block heel sandals are making a return this year as well and word on the street is they are comfy. These babies are going in my shopping cart and heading my way. Let's all cross our fingers that they fit. I think they'll be cute with all sorts of outfits.

If you've been wanting to try the lace up trend but don't think you'll like having to wrap them around your ankle or worry about the comfort of the laces then these just might be the perfect answer. They are available in 4 colors, on sale and have an adorable bow detail. They are made by Born who is known for comfy shoes.

Hunter boots are the perfect item to take advantage of during triple points. These boots come in so many colors and look cute even when it's not raining.

Spring time screams sweaters and you can't have too many. This jersey high low sweater looks like the perfect grab and go sweater whether you headed to the office or out to the movies. It comes in 5  colors but this pink color is beautiful.

This is another item that was so popular last year it made a return appearance. It really is adorable. Katie and I were looking at it in the store the other day. The scallops along the top are darling, but the perorations take it over the top. It's got little brass feet on the bottom which I just love to keep it up off the the floor when you set it down. It's sturdy enough that it won't give when you load it and a small laptop would fit inside.

If you've been wanting to add something from Tory Burch to your closet this nylon tote would be the perfect travel bag and it's on sale. I have another version by TB and love to carry it on the plane with my laptop and jewelry in it. 

This purse is a similar version of the one I recently purchased by Kate Spade and I'm loving it. You can carry it several ways, on your shoulder, draped on your arm, with the long strap on your shoulder or as a cross bag. Purchase this beauty during triple points and think of it as getting $20 off.

I could go on and on finding ways for your to spend your money, but I'm going to stop here. 

Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday!


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