Thursday, May 12, 2016

Graduation gifts for girls

Graduation days are here!

When it comes to knowing what to get the graduate do you sometimes 
 feel stumped?

Whether you have a high school or college graduate, I've put together some ideas to help and there are various price points to fit your budget.

The items below are Katie approved and she's how show we say...rather picky, so I feel pretty confident most girls would be thrilled with these.

The items with pink numbers are things Katie already has and the others, well...she'd love them!
Click on the green links to be taken straight to that item. Easy peasy!

5. Shower Wrap (how cute would this be to have monogrammed)

This is one thing I'm going to have to order for Katie before she leaves. She loves this Micro-Dermabrasion Paste as much as I do and frequently I have to go find mine in her bathroom.

If your graduate suffers from occasional breakouts or chronic acne the Rodan and Fields Unblemish line would make for a wonderful gift. Let that sweet girl take care of her face and start the next phase of her life with confidence knowing she has beautiful skin. You can't put a price on self esteem.

Katie keeps one of these Camelbak bottles with her all time filled with water. Actually, Benny used to keep one with him too. These would be great to have in the dorm, throw in a backpack or take to the gym for a workout. They'd also look super cute with a vinyl monogram on them to make them personalized and you could take it a step further by doing it in school colors.
     Pink                     Blue                      Green                    Purple

More Camelbak Bottles here

Summer for the graduates often means trips to the beach to celebrate. Add a towel and a few magazines with the water bottle and she's good to go.

Katie keeps her keys on a lanyard just like #2. I keep my keys and license in the zip I.D. case. I love it because I can keep a little cash in it so when I'm running out and don't want to take my wallet I just grab this and I'm on my way. I've been using one of these for longer than I can remember. It would be great for a college I.D. to be thrown in her backpack. The All in one Crossbody and Wristlet is ideal for and I.D., cash, phone, credit cards, etc...

These ideas just scratch the surface, but maybe you'll see something you haven't thought of before or will be inspired to do some kind of theme gift. Whatever it is, I'm sure the graduate will be thrilled and thankful.

Hope you're weeks been treating you right!



  1. Hi Lisa, I just found your blog this week and I feel like we have so much in common. I have a daughter who is also a senior in high school and a son who will be a junior in college this fall. We moved to the Houston, Texas area from Chicago two years ago. Lots of change going on over here. I really like your blog post today because I've had graduation gifts on my mind a lot lately. I have lots of gifts to purchase in the next couple of weeks. My daughter likes a lot of the items you have listed also. I'm thinking about starting a blog one of these days. Just trying to figure out a name for it. Still thinking!!!

    1. Hi Kathy!!!! WOW, sounds like we do have a lot in common :) I'm so happy you found my's a work in progress. You should definitely start one and I have to tell you the HARDEST thing for me was coming up with a name. UGH!!! It took me over a year. I had a list of probably 30 possibilities and finally just committed to Coast to Coast. Not sure how much help I can be to you, but feel free to ask questions. That's what I've been doing with other bloggers I follow. Thanks for commenting and good luck with the graduation. I bet y'all are close to being done. My daughters graduation is 4 weeks from today. :)

  2. Thanks for the advice Lisa. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions once I get started with blogging! Graduation is only 3 weeks away and we're all excited about moving on to a new chapter in our lives. I'm very happy to have found your blog since we seem to be at the same stage in life. Good luck with your daughter's graduation too.


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