Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Take 1

This is not a's really happening, the day is finally here. 
The day all my blogger "friends" have been talking about and prepping for for weeks.
I must admit, I feel a little ill prepared to handle the apparent magnitude of this sale, but I'm going to do my best.

So what's a girl to do when she wakes up at 12:45 in the morning on the day of said anniversary sale?

Why of course she gets out of the bed and hits her computer and here's what I found :)
Click on green links and be taken right to each item!!!

Just look at this cute little sweater/shirt combo. I love it and it does the layering for you.

This sweater looks so soft and cozy. I ordered it in Olive and can't wait to get my hands on it. 

This one I ordered in the grey and black. I love the drop shoulder and it will look super cute over a black cami with boots or booties and black (or denim) jeans.

I love this long cardigan, it will look great with leggings or jeans. I think it will be a great sweater to throw on when you need a little warmth, but not a full on jacket.

This sweater looks a lot like my blardigan that I wear EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and I'm not the only person who's noticed it. I'm seeing lots of bloggers talking about it as well. I ordered the burgundy and predict it will be worn on repeat.

And speaking of blardigans, you can find the ones included in the sale HERE.
If you aren't familiar with the term "blardigan" it was coined by fellow blogger, Sheaffer Told me to. 

Blanket + Cardigan = Blardigan

aka Blardigan

It's the coziest piece of clothing I own. I take it everywhere and wear as a robe all the time. 

You won't be surprised when I tell that I now will be sporting the "baby blardigan". HA
Yes, a while back they came out with another style of the "blardigan" that is a different cut and it was quickly named "baby blardigan" and it has POCKETS!
#pocketlove #everyonelovespockets

aka Baby Blardigan

I ordered the Indigo and Stone to see which one I like best. These "babies" (see what I did there) will probably go fast, so don't hesitate. Order now, commit later. Remember Nordstroms AWESOME return policy.

I think I have literally been looking at,  picking up, trying on, and thinking about these boots for about FIVE years. Well girls, the waiting and looking is finally over. I pulled the trigger and ordered them!!! (picture me running around and jumping up and down)

One of my friends ordered these last year and she loves them and now my boot envy can be put to rest because I'm going to have my own.

I was torn with these. Silver or Gold...or both?
I showed restraint (for now) and went with silver.

All Kendra Scott sale jewelry HERE.

And I guess it paid to shop in the middle of the night because this little darling is already SOLD OUT. 

You can see the other Alex and Ani bracelets included in the sale HERE.

Alrighty, here's the first round of goodies that caught my eye. I'm headed to mall after I meet some women from my bible study for coffee and will hopefully come home with lots of pictures and more loot for you to discover.

Happy Thursday friends!!!


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