Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets - Take 2

A while back I did a post on a couple of my favorite kitchen gadgets. Today I have another one to share with you that makes life so easy in the kitchen.

This thing is AWESOME! It's 3 tools in one. Chopper. Blender. Whip.
If you need to chop nuts, an onion, graham crackers, this is the tool you want. It's so much easier than dragging out a huge food processor.

The blender attachment is perfect for blending soups that call for being put in a blender. You don't have to do it in batches and worry about the heat blowing the top off your blender. Just be careful and keep it below the top of the liquid or you'll have soup all over yourself and your kitchen.

This attachment also makes making smoothies a real breeze. You can make them right in the blender cup that comes with it. Throw some frozen fruit, yogurt and juice in and blend it up for the perfect breakfast or snack on the go. If you use frozen fruit just pop it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to slightly thaw and then you don't need to add ice to your smoothie.

Milkshakes!!! Yes, this makes marvelous milk shakes without dragging out the blender.

The whip attachment actually whips egg whites better than my Kitchen Aid Mixer. Don't misunderstand, I LOVE my Kitchen Aid but this little whipper gets my egg whites so much fluffier. 

Last night I had some under ripe avocados and was trying to mash them for guacamole. I used the blender attachment and made quick work of it.

This is really a universal tool and I LOVE it!!!

The holidays are coming and I know you aren't supposed to give women presents that have cords attached, but I'm thinking this one just might be acceptable. Just be sure to give her something pretty too. ;)

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget? Maybe one I should try? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I agree that hand blenders are awesome! We had this exact one twice but each one ended up pooping out with daily use, so we got a Breville and LOVE IT SO MUCH. Here is the link in case your Cuisinart ever gives up the ghost.

    1. Oh thanks Sandra!! Good to know😀


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